GAME RESULTS (08.10.10 & 08.12.10)

    DISCIPLES   111  -   54   BA XPRESS

PAC-DENTAL    2    -   0   ROSEMONT
      IBALL    66    -   43 REBELS

                        AVIATORS   51    -   43 HAYWARD  KNIGHTS
      CAVITE   88     -  53  GARDA
               RUN N GUN   71     -  53 GERRY’ S GRILL 


1 iBall 8 0 2 Disciples 6 2 3 Pac-Dentall
5 3 3 Aviators
5 3 3 Run ‘N Gun
5 3 3 Gerry’s Grill
5 3 3 Rebels
5 3 4 H. Knights
4 4 5 Cavite
3 5 6 Garda 2 6 7 Rosemont
0 8 7 BA Xpress
0 8 

RULES AND REGULATIONS Basketball League is following high school rules and regulations enforced by our official referee/s, on top of these rules
we are also following organization rules to better improve our games and safety of our players and officials.

    1. Unsportsman conduct of any player or team will be subject to ejection or suspension depending on
       incident and will receive fair review from league officers.

    2. Alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs are not allowed in the premises.

    3. A player needs to be 17 years of age to participate in this league.

    4. LIGAPINOY is not liable for any personal injuries for any player.

    5. Foul language, harassment and bad behaviors are not allowed at all times, officials have the right to
       request these individuals to leave the court to avoid further arguments.

    6. No wearing of jewelry of any kind during the game.

    7. All players must wear provided basketball uniforms both top and bottom during the game and are
       properly tucked in.

    8. Only players and coach are allowed on the bench.

    9. Only the players listed on roster submitted before start of the league season are allowed to play.

    10. There are only 10 maximum players that are allowed for each team.

    11. All team players must meet LIGAPINOY requirements to be able to participate.

    2010 First Seasons specific rules:
    12. only two 6 feet player will be allowed to play in the actual game at a time.

These Rules and Regulations are subject to change by the officials to better improve our league, please remember that the purpose
of the league is to bring camaraderie to the Filipino community.


LIGA PINOY 2nd Season (2010)